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RM2,399.00 - RM2,799.00 RM3,000.00 - RM3,400.00
2021 Magene P325 Ultegra R8000 crankset power meter rechargeable dual sided with cadence
Price RM2,399.00 - RM2,799.00 RM3,000.00 - RM3,400.00
Product SKU product-1606103243477
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 30 cm x 40 cm
Availability 216
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connection for all devices
  • Waterproof rainproof rating
  • 2 in 1 cadence built in
  • Rechargeable model.

Bluetooth and ANT+ connection for all devices.

Waterproof rainproof rating.

2 in 1 cadence built in.

Rechargeable model.

P325 LITE VS Full

Same crankset ultegra same power meter same cadence.

Difference is no left and right balance(individual data), pedaling smoothness, and torque

Same Hardware only software difference

Outlook are the same.

Can be upgraded just by software.

1. The power accuracy is ± 1.5%, accurate, reliable, durable and stable:
P325 series power meter can eliminate abnormal data through the tread frequency signal detected by strain gauge and acceleration sensor to ensure tread frequency accuracy.

2. More flexible products according ot your need
P325 full function dual sided power meter an can be separated into p325l single left power meter and P325r single right power meter by using McKinley assistant.

3. Magnetic  charging, 200 hours of ultra-high endurance:
In terms of endurance, the P325 series power meter adopts the power supply scheme of built-in lithium battery, adopts the independent magnetic suction charging of left and right sides, and the battery life last for 200 hours.

4. Ipx7 waterproof:
The waterproof grade of P325 series power meter is ipx7. 

5. Ant + Bluetooth dual protocol compatibility:
P325 series power meter is compatible with various ant + Bluetooth protocol devices. You can use ant + protocol to connect your code table and Bluetooth protocol to connect training software on smartphone or PC side. In this way, you can record one motion data in multiple ports to meet your needs in a variety of scenarios.

6. It weighs only 23g, so it's ultralight:
The P325 series power meter is also the ultimate in lightweight. The weight of the left module is 8g and that of the right module is 15g. The weight of the whole module is only 23g. The lightweight design of P325 module is the the best in the industry.

7. Stronger compatibility:
The P325 series power meter is optimized based on the second generation product right side mounting scheme. There is no error between the large and small disks, and it is still accurate even with third-party disks.
In terms of the compatibility of the lower clamp, the P325 series power meter optimizes the design scheme of the left module again, greatly reducing its thickness and position, making the compatibility of the lower clamp higher.

8. Customized service system, more efficient and tailored:
Now it supports four kinds of crank lengths: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm. Users who choose custom power meter should contact customer service in advance for related questions.

9. Pay equal attention to warranty and service:
The after-sales team of the store promises that we will provide a 12-month warranty service for P325 series power meters.


Pre order / custom made 2-4 weeks lead time. 

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